Kevin Durant’s Olympic Games Challenge

File under reasons I love my job. A few weeks ago, my good friend Christopher Hunt of Midwest Media called me in to help shoot this spot for GE’s series of Olympic Games Challenges.

I gaffed the interview and ran sound and was thrilled to be a part of it. I like the way it turned out. Nice, simple and to the point. And Kevin Durant couldn’t have been nicer. #ThunderUP #HookemHorns and #GoTeamUSA

Paradise Recovered News and Links

Paradise Recovered is officially a New Release. On April 24th, our distributor, Monarch Home Entertainment, launched the film on DVD. It was an exciting day. It was so fun to see the film published on lists of new releases, alongside films like Mark Wahlberg’s latest, Contraband (Here’s a LINK to that article). It was even more fun to watch it sell out on Amazon on that very first day. They have since restocked. If you don’t have a copy yet, you can order it on Amazon HERE.

UPDATE MAY 12th*** Paradise Recovered is now available to rent on iTunes, Amazon Instant and through various cable video on demand outlets. Search for it where you like to watch and stream movies.

Click HERE to rent it on iTunes

Click HERE to rent it on Amazon

You can also add Paradise Recovered to your DVD queue on Netflix. Netflix hasn’t started shipping our DVD to customers yet because we don’t have it saved in enough queues. Once enough people have it added it, Netflix will start sending it out. Even if you have already seen the film, please consider adding it to your Netflix DVD queue (to help get us to the critical number). And please encourage friends and family to add it to their Netflix DVD queues. Here’s a link to Paradise Recovered on Netflix.

The Paradise Recovered Soundtrack is now available in MP3 form on Amazon. We also have some physical CDs that we just got in to sell at screenings and such. If you really want a CD and not MP3s, come out to one of our screenings.

Finally, in conjunction with our DVD release, we launched a brand new Paradise Recovered website. The new site features the trailer, a blog, information on upcoming events, and a Get Help tab for those looking for more information and/or help in matters of spiritual abuse. Thanks to Virginia Rothenflue for designing and implementing our wonderful new site.

We Get the Best Odd Jobs

I love the odd jobs I get in the video and film production business. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to run B Camera and Sound on a show called VEVO Area Codes. The idea behind the show is that one of your favorite music artists shows you around their area code. It’s a cool concept. So, for the 405, right here at home, they did a show with tween sensation Greyson Chance. If you don’t know who Greyson is, he played piano and sang Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi at a local sixth grade festival here in Edmond, Oklahoma. The video of his performance was posted on YouTube. It now has over 41 million views. He went on Ellen, got a record deal and now is out on tour supporting his brand new album. He’s a nice kid and a great singer. I enjoyed the shoot and think the Area Codes show turned out great. Without further adieu:

Cara Jean Wahlers to The Rescue

Cara Jean Wahler's and Guitar

Music is such a big part of a movie. For our favorite films, a few bars of a theme song is all it takes to conjure up fond memories. And so, when making a film of your own, choosing the right music is a huge deal. Add to that the limitations of a micro-budget and we were more than a little concerned when it came time to find the music for Paradise Recovered.

One day when I was deep in it. Surfing the web for music. Listening to song after song. Trying to figure out how, when and where we were going to get great music at a price we could afford. I got an email from Writer/Producer Andie Redwine. It was a link to an unassuming website featuring the music of Cara Jean Wahlers. Andie said that Cara was an old friend. Wanted to know what I thought of her music. I clicked on one of the songs. Guitar, Cello and a beautiful voice. Rootsy and singer songwritery in the best of all possible ways. It was perfect.

I’m so glad to have met Cara and Grover (Grover Parido is the cellist that composes and plays with Cara). I’m so thrilled to have their music in Paradise Recovered. And I’m so excited to be headed to Indianapolis this weekend for the CD release party for their new album, “Goodnight Charlotte.” I can’t wait for people to see our film and hear the tunes that help to make it as good as it is.

In the mean time, check out this cool article about Cara in Indy’s NUVO magazine:

Getting Started

Just moving into my new home here at I am a filmmaker, both narrative and documentarian, as well as a videographer and editor, as well as a speaker and social video tipster. I will be moving in the furniture in the form of videos and other content shortly. For now, you can see some of my stuff at, follow @storme on Twitter, check out my YouTube page or send me an email at See you soon.