Paradise Recovered Now Streaming on Netflix

Paradise Recovered Poster

Big news for Paradise Recovered. The film is now streaming on Netflix!

Here is what one viewer had to say about the movie on Netflix: “This film moved me to tears. In a good way. It is very rare that a film can appeal to everyone, regardless of spirituality. If you are looking for a great film that is prime with wit, heart and spiritual sensibility, you should click “Instant Queue” NOW. I highly recommend.”

CLICK HERE to watch it instantly on Netflix.

Paradise Recovered: Cast and Crew Interviews

Shot at our Alamo Drafthouse screenings in Austin, TX, this short video reveals the heart behind the film. A film that seeks to tell a great story, entertain audiences, but also spread the word about the reality of and damage caused by spiritual abuse. The Alamo Drafthouse screenings benefited two outstanding nonprofit organizations: Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center and Austin’s own Lights. Camera. Help.

Paradise Recovered News and Links

Paradise Recovered is officially a New Release. On April 24th, our distributor, Monarch Home Entertainment, launched the film on DVD. It was an exciting day. It was so fun to see the film published on lists of new releases, alongside films like Mark Wahlberg’s latest, Contraband (Here’s a LINK to that article). It was even more fun to watch it sell out on Amazon on that very first day. They have since restocked. If you don’t have a copy yet, you can order it on Amazon HERE.

UPDATE MAY 12th*** Paradise Recovered is now available to rent on iTunes, Amazon Instant and through various cable video on demand outlets. Search for it where you like to watch and stream movies.

Click HERE to rent it on iTunes

Click HERE to rent it on Amazon

You can also add Paradise Recovered to your DVD queue on Netflix. Netflix hasn’t started shipping our DVD to customers yet because we don’t have it saved in enough queues. Once enough people have it added it, Netflix will start sending it out. Even if you have already seen the film, please consider adding it to your Netflix DVD queue (to help get us to the critical number). And please encourage friends and family to add it to their Netflix DVD queues. Here’s a link to Paradise Recovered on Netflix.

The Paradise Recovered Soundtrack is now available in MP3 form on Amazon. We also have some physical CDs that we just got in to sell at screenings and such. If you really want a CD and not MP3s, come out to one of our screenings.

Finally, in conjunction with our DVD release, we launched a brand new Paradise Recovered website. The new site features the trailer, a blog, information on upcoming events, and a Get Help tab for those looking for more information and/or help in matters of spiritual abuse. Thanks to Virginia Rothenflue for designing and implementing our wonderful new site.

Paradise Recovered Hot Off the Presses

Lots of great things happening on the Paradise Recovered front today. First up, Brown (UPS) dropped off a fresh batch of Paradise Recovered DVDs at By the Glass Headquarters in Bedford, IN! This marks the first confirmed sighting of the Paradise Recovered DVD in the wild. Thanks to our wonderful distributor, Monarch Home Entertainment, the discs look and sound fantastic. The new DVD includes a commentary track featuring myself, Writer/Producer Andie Redwine and stars Heather Wallis and Dane Seth Hurlburt. In addition, there is a short documentary on the disc called Beyond Paradise, which features interviews with some of the world’s foremost experts on cults and mind control.

The DVD officially releases April 24th and you can pre-order now HERE at Amazon and/or add it to your DVD queue HERE on Netflix.

We’re also really excited about a certain guest blog post that went live today. The highly esteemed Matthew Paul Turner invited Andie to write a post for the fantastic Jesus Needs New PR site. Have you been spiritually abused? This is for you… Even if you have not, please read and share this awesome post!

And, if you haven’t yet seen it, here is the Paradise Recovered Trailer:

Paradise Recovered Now on Netflix!

‎Paradise Recovered is now available on Netflix! For those of you who don’t know, Paradise Recovered is my directorial debut. We couldn’t be more excited to see the DVD on Netflix. It’s really exciting and amazing.

If you have the DVD plan with Netflix, could you do me a huge favor? Please SAVE Paradise Recovered to your Queue. This is how Netflix will gauge the demand for our film so please please please add it to your DVD queue if you have one. I will love you forever. Well, I already love you, but I’ll love you even more. Thanks so much everyone. And if you know anyone who might have the DVD plan at Netflix, please pass this along to them. The more the merrier.

Thank you all so much. You are the awesomesauce!

If the link doesn’t get you there, login and search for Paradise Recovered. And remember, for now, this is DVD only. So it’s not available for streaming yet. Stay tuned!

Paradise Recovered Wins Grand Jury Award!

Writer/Producer Andie Redwine, Director Storme Wood, and deadCENTER Programming Director Kevin Ely celebrate at the 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival Awards

As our Saturday night screening of Paradise Recovered came to an end at the 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival, we were a bit surprised by how insistent the volunteers were that we get over to the awards ceremony that was about to start. Could this mean we were going to win some kind of award? We tried to put it out of our minds as we hurried to get there, believing always that it’s better to keep your expectations low that you might be pleasantly surprised.

As they began to hand out awards, our hopes piqued again. Maybe we won this one? Maybe that one? No. Okay. As the number of awards dwindled, so did our hopes. Until there was only one trophy left on the podium. Surely we didn’t win the grand prize? And then they said it, “The winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature sponsored by Devon Energy is… Paradise Recovered!”

Holy crap. Seriously. We were thrilled. We were more than thrilled. We were shocked.

What made it even more amazing and unbelieveable was that the jury for the 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival was made up of some filmmakers we really respect. The jury was headed up by Nick Casevettes, director of She’s So Lovely, John Q and The Notebook among other films. Also on the jury was Oklahoma filmmaker Sterlin Harjo who Directed the hit indie film, Barking Water, which played at Sundance and is now in distribution. Other jurors included Costume Designer Lynette Meyer (Lakeview Terrace, Nurse Betty), and Oklahoma documentary filmmaker Brad Beasley (Okie Noodling).  Pretty great jury, right?

All in all, the 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival was one of our favorite fests so far. And that was before we won the Grand Jury award. deadCENTER is run by a great group of people who put on a festival that is fun, accessible, organized, well attended and full of terrific films. The Comedy Shorts program was my favorite screening, but a close close second was the amazing documentary Jens Pulver: DRIVEN. And there were other great films that I didn’t have time to see like the amazingly funny S&M Lawncare by my new friends at Singletree Productions.

Congratulations to the other award winners and to all the filmmakers who took part in deadCENTER this year. And a huge thanks to deadCENTER staff members Lance McDaniel, Kim Haywood, Kevin Ely, Ian Peterson and to all the volunteers that made the 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival possible and amazing. I can’t wait for deadCENTER 2012!

Storme Wood and Andie Redwine on Film Courage

We were in LA a couple of weeks ago to screen Paradise Recovered. While we were there, we joined Karen Worden and David Branin on their Indiefilm Radio Show, Film Courage. We had a great time. Film Courage is a great show and a great resource for indie filmmakers and fans. Scroll down in the player below to find the show featuring myself and Writer/Producer Andie Redwine. And while you’re at it, check out some of the other shows as well.

Film Courage Interactive and LA Talk Radio

Film Courage Logo
Paradise Recovered Writer/Producer Andie Redwine and I are in LA for the west coast premiere of Paradise. We’ll be talking Paradise Recovered and Indie Filmmaking today on the Film Courage radio show. Tune your computer to LA Talk Radio Channel 2 at 12PM Pacific time today to hear us live. I’ll post a link to the podcast when that’s available as well.

One of the things we’ll be talking about on the radio show is our Monday (tomorrow) night screening. Paradise Recovered will be showing at LA’s Downtown Independent theater as an Official Selection of Film Courage Interactive. If you’re in LA, please come on out!

And stay after the screening for a party featuring Sara Melson and sponsored by Musical Family Tree.

A lot of good things happening for Paradise Recovered right now. I’ll keep you posted. Hope you can join us on the radio today and at the Downtown Independent tomorrow night.