Paradise Recovered: Cast and Crew Interviews

Shot at our Alamo Drafthouse screenings in Austin, TX, this short video reveals the heart behind the film. A film that seeks to tell a great story, entertain audiences, but also spread the word about the reality of and damage caused by spiritual abuse. The Alamo Drafthouse screenings benefited two outstanding nonprofit organizations: Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center and Austin’s own Lights. Camera. Help.

A Chance to Speak at My Alma Mater

I love to speak and teach about my passion for video and film. Lately, I’ve been getting more and more opportunities to do so. Last week, David J. Neff invited me to be a guest speaker for a PR class at the University of Texas. I graduated from UT in 2001 and so jumped at the chance to return to campus and share some of what I’ve learned since leaving.

Up first, David gave a great talk on Social Media. Engaging, funny, and informative. Towards the end, he spoke about the importance of video in Social Media and that’s when he introduced me. I gave the class practical tips for shooing good video. Tips that they can use to go out and start producing their own videos for their social networks, their clients, their classes, or their selves.

Liz Kelley, a member at Texas Tower PR, blogged about the class and what we had to say. Check it out HERE.

Austin Twestival

Highlights from the Austin Twestival at Ace’s Lounge on 6th St. Part of the worldwide Twestival event that took place in over 200 cities on February 12th, 2009. The name Twestival comes from the words Twitter and Festival. This event was conceived and promoted through Twitter. It was, as my friend @daveiam like to say, social media for social good. Worldwide, the Twestival raised over 250K for Charity: Water. That money will bring access to clean water to over 17,000 who currently drink water filled with parasites and mud.