We Get the Best Odd Jobs

I love the odd jobs I get in the video and film production business. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to run B Camera and Sound on a show called VEVO Area Codes. The idea behind the show is that one of your favorite music artists shows you around their area code. It’s a cool concept. So, for the 405, right here at home, they did a show with tween sensation Greyson Chance. If you don’t know who Greyson is, he played piano and sang Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi at a local sixth grade festival here in Edmond, Oklahoma. The video of his performance was posted on YouTube. It now has over 41 million views. He went on Ellen, got a record deal and now is out on tour supporting his brand new album. He’s a nice kid and a great singer. I enjoyed the shoot and think the Area Codes show turned out great. Without further adieu: