World Theatrical Premiere of Paradise Recovered

Buskirk Chumley marquee announces Paradise Recovered Premiere

I’m back in Indiana. Back where it all began in the summer of 2009. After hitting seventeen film festivals in the last year and winning numerous awards, Paradise Recovered is ready for it’s official public unveiling. Tomorrow, November 20th, we’re premiering Paradise at the historic Buskirk Chumley Theater in Bloomington, IN. The fact that we shot a scene in the Buskirk makes our premiere there extra special. For more information on the screening, visit our official Facebook Event page here: To buy tickets to the show, CLICK HERE.

As part of the premiere, we’re also releasing the Official Motion Picture Soundtrack for Paradise Recovered. The soundtrack features fantastic music from Indiana artists like Cara Jean Wahlers, Jookabox, Sardina, The New Old Cavalry, Salaam, newcomer Evan Slusher and more. As part of the big event at the Buskirk, Cara, Evan, Salaam and The New Old Cavalry will be performing live before and after the screening of the film. I’m still amazed at the awesome soundtrack of Indiana artists we were able to assemble for this soundtrack (thanks in large part to the fine folks at Musical Family Tree). We’ll be selling the soundtrack at the premiere and it will be available from retailers like CD Baby , Amazon and iTunes next week!

In conjunction with all this, we’ve been busy editing a DVD extra for our upcoming DVD release. The extra is a short doc that we’re calling Beyond Paradise. The piece features interviews with world renowned thought reform experts like Steve Hassan of and counselors from Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center. If you didn’t know, Paradise Recovered has pledged 10% of our profits to Wellspring, a one of a kind facility that counsels victims of spiritual abuse and cults.

So I hope to see some of you at the premiere tomorrow. I’ll post pics and hopefully some video from the event soon. And look for our Paradise Recovered DVD to be released in early 2012!