8mm Vintage Camera iPhone App

Update: I’m looking for more great video apps for the iPhone. Let me know of any you’re using or have heard about and I’ll check them out.

I noticed my review video had over 1000 views in a 24 hour period and wondered what was up. Turns out Philip Bloom included this video in his recent post, Adventures in Film…and fake 8mm.

I saw a review of the 8mm Vintage Camera App posted on Nino Leitner’s blog and I had to give it a try. I downloaded it and took it to hockey practice. This video review shows the results. This little app is really a lot of fun. It has several different film looks, as well as several lens looks that are all easily selectable while the app is recording. Besides being fun, I think filmmakers can get creative with this and come up with some great ideas for how to use it.

8mm Vintage Camera iPhone App Layout

Someone asked about the window in the app looking like it’s 4:3 and then my video being 16:9. I thought that was interesting too. I didn’t do anything to stretch it out. I simply saved the clips in the app. Saving the clips transfers them into your video/stills library. Then I downloaded the clips into iPhoto and edited this video using iMovie. All of that worked really seamlessly and the resulting aspect ration was 16:9. I haven’t tried to take any of these clips into Final Cut Pro yet.

If you don’t have the app yet, you can get it HERE.

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  1. Great review. I noticed that your video was in 16×9 an the app appears to be 4×3. Did you crop in post or is there an option to shoot in 16×9 right in the app?


  2. I just updated the blogpost to address your question. All I did was save the clip in the app and then when I brought it in to edit, it was 16:9. But it doesn’t look stretched or anything. It was my first time working with the footage in post, so I’ll have to take a closer look to see what’s happened there.

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