Corporate Video: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Corporate video can be exciting. This past week, my freelance job took me to Adelaide, South Australia, where I travelled around shooting video and stills that will become stories of the unique and innovative ways South Australians are using, reusing, and circulating water. The videos are for a company that makes water pumps. And water pumps enable us to move water efficiently for all kinds of purposes. While in OZ, we shot at a vineyard, a cutting edge university building, a unique vegetable washing plant, and the building site for a state of the art horse racing facility.

Over the years, corporate video has taken me to three Superbowls, into multi-million dollar studios, up in helicopters, to marathons, marches and countless big events. I’ve travelled to cities, states and countries I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to visit. And I’ve met and filmmed doctors, engineers, experts, CEOs, authors, celebrities, sports legends, local heroes, and good people all around.

Shooting corporate video has put a camera in my hands hundreds of times. And it has paid me to do something I love, something that thrills me each and every time I get to do it. Take moving pictures.

Here is a slideshow of snaps I took during my time off in Australia (Check out originals on FLICKR). It’s a wonderful country. I hope my job takes me back again some day.