Summer News and Updates

It’s been a busy couple of months. Here are some of the highlights.

Conversations in Film (July 10th)

I sat on a Conversations In Film panel presented by The Austin Film Festival. The panel was titled Making Your First Feature and I got to participate with some fantastic fellow filmmakers. We talked about our experiences making our first feature films. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning from and meeting the other directors on the panel.

Filmmakers Left to Right, Stephen Belyeu, Storme Wood, Mike Dolan, and Will James Moore

Van Wert Independent Film Festival (July 8th-10th)

Paradise Recovered played the first ever Van Wert Independent Film Festival. Writer/Producer Andie Redwine had a great time at the fest and brought home some nice awards. Paradise Recovered won the Audience Award, Best Screenplay and Best Actress (Heather Wallis). So that was very cool.

Paradise Recovered Wins Big at Van Wert Independent Film Festival

Lights. Camera. Help. (July 28th-30th)

I was back in Austin representing Paradise Recovered (with Writer/Producer Andie Redwine) at the very awesome Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival. Lights. Camera. Help. is a nonprofit “dedicated to encouraging other nonprofit and cause-driven organizations to use film and video to tell their stories.” Paradise Recovered was their first ever narrative feature and we were proud to be there championing our favorite charity, the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center. The Lights. Camera. Help. audience was amazing and I was inspired by all of their films and filmmakers. It was a great festival experience. Here’s a link to a story the Austin CBS affiliate KEYE did on Lights. Camera. Help featuring Paradise Recovered:

Andie Redwine, Storme Wood and David J. Neff Celebrate at the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center’s 25th Anniversary Celebration! (August 5th-7th)

Speaking of Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, on August 5th-7th Andie Redwine and I journeyed to Athens, Ohio to help Wellspring celebrate their 25th anniversary. On Friday the 5th, we screened Paradise Recovered for a packed house at the lovely Arts West Theater in Athens. Then on Saturday, we volunteered to videotape the internationally renowned cult experts that Wellspring had speaking at their Conference on Cults. Needless to say, I learned a ton (It was a fitting end to a great weekend when we heard that Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes against the young girls growing up in the FLDS).

There was a nice write up about the event in the Athens News about the weekend’s festivities:

We blogged about the Warren Jeffs conviction on the Paradise Recovered site:

Me Shooting Video for Wellspring's Conference on Cults



Down But Not Out (August 4th)

I traveled to Ohio via Indianapolis, where I had the chance to visit with my good friend Alphonso Bailey. Bailey is a former professional boxer who runs a really cool Prison Ministry called Down But Not Out. DBNO teaches character building workshops in prisons and juvenille detention centers. Alphonso has a great life story; a former college athlete, he was arrested for some armed robberies and served two years in a Kentucky prison. On the 4th, I got to visit a prison with him and him in action. I love the way he brings hope to these guys living behind bars. He really believes in them and believes that their lives can change and get better. He is always inspiring and I hope to bring his story to the screen one day.

The Rest

And finally, while in Indiana I got to shoot a bunch of stuff with the new Canon XF100 camcorder. It’s a pretty amazing camera that shoots 50 mb/s 4:2:2 video with a full set of pro features and it’s the size of a palmcorder. We were shooting test/reel footage for a spec project that we’re keeping under wraps for now. But I highly recommend checking out the XF100 if you shoot doc style run and gun stuff. It’s brilliant.

Here’s a link to a Philip Bloom review detailing the XF100:



Paradise Recovered still has several film festivals coming up.

I’ll be at the 5th annual Landlocked Film Festival in Iowa City August 25th-28th

And Andie will be at the Central Florida Film Festival over Labor Day Weekend!

Come and say hi if you’re in Iowa or Florida.

Lots of cool stuff happening.

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